Contribution Process – Proceso de Contribución – Qui Trình Đóng Góp cho năm

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2018 Contribution Process

Proceso de Contribución 2018

Qui Trình Đóng Góp cho năm 2018

Pre-registration is closed for 2018. All tax credits have been awarded.

Pre-registration for 2019 begins in July 2018 on the home page of the website.

Step 1 – Pre-register with GRACE Scholars.

You can pre-register online or use a paper form English Espãnol tiếng Việt . Pre-registration for 2018 tax credits begins on July 3, 2017.

For preferred treatment, please submit your pre-registration by December 15, 2017. GRACE will enter pre-registrations into the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) online portal on January 2, 2018.

Step 2 – Be on the lookout for an approval letter from the DOR in January.

The letter gives your approval date and the amount of your tax credit. Keep the letter in your tax records. The letter contains a certificate number for your tax credit. You will need to enter the certificate number on your tax return and attach the approval letter to your tax return if you are submitting your return on paper.

Step 3 – Complete contribution during the 60-day window.

The window starts on the date of approval letter. Contributions cannot be accepted before that date. When the 60-day window closes, the tax credit expires. No extensions are possible.

Visit Ways to Give for contribution methods.


For more information, contact GRACE Scholars