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Application Process

The GRACE scholarship process goes through the participating schools. Parents/guardians submit scholarship applications to the school of choice. The school is the primary contact regarding the GRACE application and award process. Please direct questions to school representatives.

The steps in the process are:

  • Complete the GRACE scholarship application  in English , Spanish  or Vietnamese and attach the supporting documents indicated on the application.
  • Submit the application to the Catholic school of choice. Be sure to ask about the school’s admissions process and other sources of  financial aid. The school staff can also answer your questions about the GRACE scholarship process.
  • Apply for a calculated financial need determination from the financial aid service identified by the school (FACTS, PSAS or SMART).
  • School forwards award recommendations to GRACE.
  • If approved, GRACE will send award letters to qualifying families through the school’s principal or president. The school will disseminate the award letters to the parents/guardians.
  • Acceptance letters will accompany award letters. Parents/guardians must sign the acceptance letters and return them to the school. The schools will send the signed acceptance letters to GRACE. No award checks can be issued unless a signed acceptance letter is on file with GRACE.
  • Award checks are normally issued to the schools in late summer. The school staff will ask the parent/guardian to come to school to endorse the award check to the school which will be credited as a payment to the child’s tuition balance.
  • The school is the parents/guardians’ point of contact for information about the GRACE application process. The school is responsible for notifying parents/guardians if a scholarship application is denied.